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Lutheran Life Communities Opens New Chapter With Naples Groundbreaking (PDF)


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Arlington staff members checking founder and friends in

Arlington staff member Shelre Joy Coones sings

Lely High School sports team members escort event attendees to seats

Lely High School Marching Band performed

US Coast Guard Chief William Carl leads the pledge of allegiance

Lutheran Life Communities Chairman of the Board, the Rev. David Abrahamson

Arlington Director, Vicki Tracy and Lutheran Life Communities Chairman of the Board, the Rev. David Abrahamson

LLC Board of Directors from left to right: William Cormack, Paula Parks, John Walz, Michael Renetzky and Rev. David Abrahamson

LLC President and CEO Roger Paulsberg

Tina Osceola

LLC Executive team and board of directors breaking ground

LLC Executive team and board of directors

Roger Paulsbery and Vicki Tracy, Rev. David Abrahamson behind the wheel

LLC Exec team, Rev. David Abrahamson behind the wheel

Sharon Brooks, Marie Carlson, Vicki Tracy

Members of The Arlington staff: Dorothy DeMichelle, Anthony Herring, Jeanette Simmermon, Gabe Tracy, Chris Dwyer

Arlington staff

Vicki, LLC exec team and LLC board of directors

Founders Andrew and Letha Brough

Daniel, Jai and Lucie Kim (founder and their son)

Founders Don and Ruth Dowdall

Donna Fiala, Georgia Hiller

Dorothy DeMichelld and Hank Sechulz

Founders Dottie and Jack Pickett

Founders Dwayne and Darlene Russell

Sharon Brooks and James Larson

James French and Georgia Hiller

Joanne Leach and Darlene Thomas

Founder June Peters with son Dave Peters

Founders Karen and Nick Eny

Kerry Buck, Project Team Architect

Founder Kip Edwards and Friends

Founders Lee and Linda Busing

Founders Mary Ann and Karl Poorbaugh

Mr. Osceola

Founders Pat and Russell Rainey

Rev. David Abrahamson

Chief William Carl, Shelre Joy Coones and Vicki Tracy

Collier County Sherifs Department presentation of colors

Pam from Gero

Marie Carlson, David Abrahamson, Carl Mollenkamp, James Holbrook

David Abrahamson and The Arlington’s Little Miss Firecracker

Guests gather under the tent at the groundbreaking ceremony

Roger Paulsberg, President and CEO of Lutheran Life Communities

Sam Merlino and Kimberly Hyduke

Scott Lowe

Founders Shirley and Judd Carr

Founders Susan and David Wilson

Founders Tom and Anne McNeill

Founders Wendie and Gary Hurley