Jessica Short
Executive Director

>> Introduction to Jessica


Weston Probst, Healthcare Administrator 

Campus Directors
Brent Bayes, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing
Sandra Lee Buxton, Director of Community Engagement

Mary Campbell, Director of Resident Services

Scott Falcone, Director of Facilities

Priscilla Farina, Director of Healthcare Services

Deborah Galt, Director of Environmental Services

John Killeen, Food & Beverage Director

Robin Lancaster, Business Office Manager

Dr. Tameca Bakker, MD, MBA, Medical Director   

Siobhan Mangan, Director of Lifestyle

Debra Pouliot, Director of Human Resources

Felicia Saraceno, Director of Business Development

Chris Sheriff, Chaplain      

Mary Jo Zeller, Director of MySolutions    

Michael K. Renetzky
Board Chairman

Sloan Bentley
President / Chief Executive Officer​


John Couture
Interim Chief Operations Officer

Senior Vice President / Chief Administrative Officer


Jim Buckman

Interim Chief Financial Officer​
Vice President of Analytics


Rev. Steve Reid, CFRE
Senior Vice President of Mission and Ministry​

Maia Bonner

Interim Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Donna Porter

Vice President of Human Resources

Heidi Bedier
Corporate Director of Organizational Development and Culture

Todd Gray
Corporate Director of Information Technology